Deposition Equipment

1. Pulsed Laser Deposition System

We have two pulsed laser deposition systems.

P3280080     P3280085

The PLD system consists of a 248 nm excimer laser and three chambers. Each chamber has 4 or 6  target positions and capability for combinatorial deposition, with substrate temperatures up to about 900˚C in vacuum or oxygen. One chamber has a RHEED system installed and another chamber has a confocal sputter gun.

2. RF magnetron sputter system

Three RF sources, 2” diameter, with substrate heating; sputter-up configuration; loadlocked.

Characterization Equipment

1. Vibrating Sample Magnetometer

Made by ADE model 1660; with vector capability, temperature control (77- 900 K)

2. Torque Magnetometer


3. Magnetoresistance system

Lakeshore VSM and MR system with a heated stage.

4. Optical Microscope